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At Serva Energy, we believe in pushing the limits, taking things apart and putting them back together — using what is available and
making the most out of it.


Ian Horvath

CEO and Founder

Ian Horvath is the CEO and founder
of Serva Energy, a clean technology startup based in Tempe, Arizona, intensely focused on the development of smart and safe next-generation nuclear materials.


A specialist in nuclear fusion composition analysis, Horvath leads Serva Energy with an eye toward transitional technologies that lead to improved nuclear safety, efficiency
and environmental sustainability under the urgent timeline of climate change. He believes nuclear power has the potential to help solve the climate crisis by dramatically reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. 


Having worked and grown up on a farm, Horvath is rooted in a resource-driven philosophy that centers on maximizing the tools and technologies currently available with as little harm to the environment as possible

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Serva Energy is made up of scientists, engineers, research specialists, designers, advisors and technology consultants.

Our collective expertise is broad and our mission is shared: 
to protect the planet and push the limits of what most people are used to. 

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"We are looking to change the way the world thinks about nuclear power — currently the largest source of carbon-free electricity in the United States."

"In order to provide a timely and realistic solution to our energy crisis, our approach will need to be radical to its core — multi-disciplinary."

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Can nuclear power help solve
the climate crisis?

We think so.


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