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At Serva Energy, we believe in pushing the limits, taking things apart and putting them back together — using what is available and
making the most out of it.


Ian Horvath

CEO and Founder

Ian Horvath is the CEO and founder of Serva Energy, a clean technology startup based in Tempe, Arizona, intensely focused on the development of smart and safe next-generation nuclear materials.


A specialist in nuclear fusion compositional analysis, Horvath leads Serva Energy with an eye toward transitional technologies that lead to improved nuclear safety, efficiency and environmental sustainability under the urgent timeline of climate change. He believes nuclear power has the potential to solve the climate crisis by dramatically reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. 


Horvath is rooted in a resource-driven philosophy that centers on maximizing the tools and technologies currently available with as little harm to the environment as possible

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Dr. Terry Alford

Founder and Chief Science Advisor

Dr. Terry Alford is a professor at Arizona State University specializing in physical materials science. He is the associate director of the School for Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy in ASU's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. 

A founder of Serva Energy, Dr. Alford served as a key mentor to Ian as he was starting out in the fusion energy sector. Early on, Dr. Alford saw the potential of smart, safe next-generation materials to update our nuclear infrastructure — making it safer and more sustainable — to help combat climate change.   

Dr. Alford earned his doctorate in materials science engineering from Cornell University in 1991.

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Greg Anderson


Greg Anderson serves as the chief operating officer for Serva Energy with a wealth of business experience and expertise in sustainability, green building, renewable energy and technology startups. After leaving the securities industry, he joined Serva in 2020. 

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Dr. Charles Runyan

General Patent Counsel 

Dr. Charles Runyan oversees a team of patent agents at Serva Energy.
He serves as a patent attorney, general counsel and a member of the board of directors. He has practiced intellectual property law for more than 20 years with a focus on patents. 

Team: Laurie Miller

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Dr. Sarah Jones

Vice President for Serva Medical 

Dr. Sarah Jones is the vice president for Serva Medical with a focus on developing medical applications for Serva technology. She holds expertise in fostering collaborations with partners in health care, higher education, utilities and industry.  

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Dr. Yiyang Li

Principal Computational Scientist 

Dr. Yiyang Li designs and develops algorithms to solve computing intensive problems for Serva Energy. He also provides scientific and mathematical advice for Serva's software development team. He has expertise in physics, computational methods for continuum mechanics, molecular dynamics, and computer science. Dr. Li joined Serva in 2018.

Team: David Frazer, Stan Holenda and Kevin Tom

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Laura Nye

Executive Assistant 

Laura Nye brings over 20 years of administrative experience to her role at Serva Energy with expertise in client relations, customer service and office management. She works closely with leaders, associates, consultants and advisors. 


Neil O'Leary

Founder and Lead Prototype Machinist 

Neil O’Leary is a co-founder of Serva Energy and has served on the fusion research team since its inception. O’Leary leads the prototype machine unit at Serva with over 20 years of specialized experience prototyping the latest designs to be mass produced for global markets.

Team: Sidney Blades and Mark Mangus Jr. 

Advisors and Consultants

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Executive Advisor

Dick Blaschke

Executive Advisor

Tom DiPuma

Executive Advisor

Ed Murrer

Sr. Reactor Operator

Lance Sharrett

Reactor Instrument and Control

Robert Wagner

Our expertise is broad and our values are shared: to protect the planet and push the limits of what most people are used to.

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