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A game changer in the detection and treatment of life-threatening diseases — Serva technology is pushing the boundaries of nuclear medicine by identifying new, more efficient pathways to develop critical isotopes.

Serva is accelerating the production of life-saving medical isotopes like Actinium-225, a promising cancer treatment known as the "rarest drug on earth,"

to serve the biomedical research community and greater patient population.     

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Although over 40 million people benefit every year from the use of medical isotopes, innovation in the field has been restricted by the identification and production of appropriate radioisotopes. 


Early studies show Actinium-225 is a powerful targeted alpha therapy isotope able to treat the deadliest cancers and, in some cases, eliminating cancer in just 3 doses.

Serva has identified a novel approach to developing Actinium-225 — in chronic short supply — to produce much higher levels of the isotope.


Learn more about Actinium-225 


Serva is working to dramatically improve cancer treatment options through its innovative technologies — its suite of Smart Nuclear Materials — and research and health care collaborations.

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