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From climate change to Covid-19: Serva shifts production focus

When Covid-19 hit in early 2020, there were massive shortages of PPE (personal protective equipment) for health care workers and first responders throughout the United States, including Arizona.

Ian Horvath, CEO and founder of Serva Energy, knew he had to do something to help.

"We decided to shift our manufacturing focus to developing and producing high-quality yet affordable face shields to assist those who may be in need of personal protective equipment," said Horvath.

Shifting gears, Horvath's team at Serva got to work quickly distributing large quantities of durable, sterilized face shields with incredibly positive feedback.

"While the majority of our orders were in mass quantities to large organizations, we wanted to make the face shields accessible to as many people as possible, which is why we set up an online store for smaller purchases," said Horvath.

Made in Tempe, Arizona, with as many locally made components as possible, the face shields consisted of high-density foam for a secure and comfortable fit and elastic banding.

Fully transparent with 3M medical grade hydrophilic anti-fogging, the shields come individually packaged, sealed and sterilized in an FDA compliant process.

“Everyone at Serva, myself included, wanted to do whatever we could to help combat Covid-19,” said Horvath.

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