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Serva featured on Drug Discovery News podcast

Serva Energy was featured recently in a new podcast from Drug Discovery News (DDN) highlighting the history of Actinium-225 and its potential as a promising cancer treatment.

Stephanie DeMarco, PhD, the host of DDN Dialogues, takes listeners on a journey deep into the core of what makes Actinium-225 the Goldilocks of radioisotopes when it comes to killing cancer cells and why Serva is poised to significantly scale production of this exceedingly rare and valuable isotope.

Inside the UCI nuclear lab. Photo: Stephanie DeMarco, Drug Discovery News

DeMarco takes us behind the scenes on a visit to the nuclear reactor at the University of California-Irvine, where Ian Horvath, Founder and CEO of Serva Energy, is hard at work with UCI colleague Dr. Sarah Finkeldei on the company's unique production approach.

“We have technologies for nuclear reactors that allow us to alter what’s called the radiation spectra,” Horvath told DeMarco on the special episode of the podcast. “When things get out of line, these materials activate and then shut that down, and it makes reactors run smoother, safer, more repeatably; they have less fuel damage, that kind of stuff. But we can also use materials in the exact opposite fashion. We can create little tiny pockets inside the reactor where we can shift the spectra in a different way, and by doing so, that means that we can now make isotopes in a nuclear reactor that no one’s ever been able to make before.”

Listen in to the full episode and check out DeMarco's images of the UCI lab!

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