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Serva makes sparks at Nuclear Science Week

Nuclear innovation was the focus of a Nuclear Science Week national expo event, Saturday, Oct. 14, with the University of California—Irvine.

Members of the Serva team came together with more than 1,200 people—students, educators, and community members—for a day of learning and fun around nuclear science and innovation.

“It’s always great talking with kids and members of the community about all the awesome things happening right now in nuclear,” said Ian Horvath, founder and CEO of Serva Energy. “This event was special in that we got to raise awareness about all the amazing things nuclear can do, the exciting developments that are underway, and how Serva technologies fit into all of this.”

Led by the National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, a Smithsonian Affiliate Institution, the event was an opportunity for the Serva team to showcase the tools and technologies that nuclear scientists rely on as well as some fundamental knowledge, such as the power of an atom.

"It's important to bring the next generation along with us," said Horvath. "These solutions are positioned to positively impact them and the world they inherit, whether that's through clean energy, space exploration, health care, and the list goes on."

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