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Supporting the next generation of nuclear scientists

Serva Energy’s collaboration with the University of California—Irvine Nuclear Reactor Facility was highlighted in a recent news story (March 25, 2024 ) about how the facility is helping usher in a new generation of nuclear scientists.

Having famously helped analyze the bullets that killed President John F. Kennedy, the UCI facility, with the support of UCI Assistant Professor Sarah Finkeldei, is collaborating with nuclear innovators, such as Serva, on promising solutions and real-world applications.

Last year Serva used the facility to successfully produce Actinium-225—marking the first time a conventional nuclear reactor was used to produce the critically needed medical isotope.

Of that milestone, Dr. Finkedlei said, “It’s been truly rewarding to utilize UCI’s TRIGA research reactor and our nuclear chemistry laboratories to contribute to such an important application of nuclear materials. It’s particularly exciting for our undergraduate students to participate in these research activities and get trained on materials that are critical to radiation therapy and public health.”

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