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Serva Energy selected for Mayo Clinic, ASU MedTech Accelerator

PRESS RELEASE March 28, 2022

Our team is excited to announce that Serva Energy has been selected as one of eight startups, including two international companies, for the Spring 2022 cohort of the The MedTech Accelerator, a flagship program of the Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University (ASU) Alliance for Health Care, aimed at increasing the quality, efficiency and speed to market for next-generation medical technology products.

As part of this unique, intensive two-week bootcamp designed for early-stage medical technology companies, Serva Energy will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with world-class physicians, researchers and experts with the goal of commercializing our software technology in service of nuclear medicine.

Serva’s same innovative technologies that are driving our development of a new generation of Smart Nuclear Materials can be applied with great effect in the field of nuclear medicine — a medical specialization that uses radioactive substances to diagnose, evaluate and treat various diseases. Although nuclear medicine has since expanded to include the use of more than 45 different radioisotopes for advanced imaging and radiotherapy — the potential growth in this field to expand both the treatment options and the different radioisotopes remains large.

“Serva is poised to be a significant disruptor in the field of health care, as our proprietary technology is not only able to identify new and better pathways to developing currently used medical radioisotopes, our technology is able to identify other life-saving isotopes as well,” said Dr. Sarah Jones, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships at Serva Energy. “Applying our software technology, the Isotope Searcher, we are able to identify all possible pathways for the development of all medical isotopes that could be used to treat cancer and other life-threatening diseases.”

As part of the Mayo Clinic and ASU MedTech Accelerator, we will focus on exploring several business models by which our proprietary technology could be utilized to advance the identification and development of medical isotopes for use in diagnostic imaging and cancer therapy.

“We are honored and thrilled to be among The MedTech Accelerator’s third-ever cohort of dynamic startups that are well positioned to dramatically improve the future of patient care and health outcomes,” said Dr. Jones. “Health care is a complex industry, so we are extremely grateful to be afforded this opportunity that will provide us with unparalleled access to the rich resources and expertise belonging to the Mayo Clinic, a global leader in patient care, education and research, and ASU, a university consistently ranked No. 1 in the nation for innovation.”

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About MedTech Accelerator

The MedTech Accelerator is supported by The Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University Alliance for Health Care. The alliance is developing comprehensive improvements in the science of health care delivery and practice, all toward one goal: continually advancing patient care. Together, the recognized world leader in patient care, education and research, and the nation's No. 1-ranked university for innovation are combining expertise from every corner of health care — doctors to bioengineers to business experts — for an adaptive approach to preparing the next generation of health care pioneers and practitioners in our communities.

About Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic is a nonprofit organization committed to innovation in clinical practice, education and research, and providing compassion, expertise and answers to everyone who needs healing. Visit the Mayo Clinic News Network for additional Mayo Clinic news.

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