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Serva Energy to present at American Nuclear Society Winter Meeting and Technology Expo

PRESS RELEASE November 14, 2022

"Challenge Accepted" is the fitting theme of the 2022 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Winter Meeting and Technology Expo, to take place November 13-17, at the Arizona Grand Resort, in Phoenix, Ariz., where Serva Energy will be among dozens of companies and organizations exhibiting the latest in nuclear technology solutions.

Ian Horvath, CEO and founder of Serva Energy, will be presenting at 1 p.m., on Tuesday, November 15, at the Sensor and Signal Processing session, about some of the new digital technologies being developed at Serva.

"Specifically, we'll be illustrating how bringing in modern PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) will create dramatic improvements in lab measurements for us and the greater scientific community," said Horvath, "simplifying hardware systems to the point that the computing power of a single desktop would be enough to run an entire commercial nuclear reactor."

The ANS meeting will gather entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across the nuclear enterprise to explore the many challenges and opportunities of a new nuclear era in the United States.

"Serva is honored to be presenting at ANS this year, and we're looking forward to learning and making new connections in this growing network of practitioners and scientists," said Horvath. "For those of us working in nuclear, this is an exciting time for innovation. There's tremendous promise in the technologies we're developing to bolster our supply chains and systems and modernize our policies and commercial reactors. I'm extremely optimistic about the future of nuclear."

For more information about the event, visit the ANS meeting website.

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