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Serva hits the road this summer

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

This summer Serva Energy is hitting the road!

Serva will be attending conferences around the country to connect with colleagues and engage with research on emerging nuclear technology innovation and its impact on the world.

First stop: Anaheim, CA!

Nuclear’s need for better digitization, artificial intelligence and data collection were emphasized at the annual American Nuclear Society (ANS) conference in Anaheim, California, where CEO and Founder Ian Horvath and Dr. Sarah Jones, Vice President for Serva Medical, had the opportunity to connect with professionals and innovators in the field.

Some even extended Ian and Sarah invitations to visit their laboratories!

“ANS was a much more technical conference, and it’s amazing to see the significant advances and really get to engage with the technology and the people creating it,” said Horvath, who went to every session he could possibly squeeze into his schedule.

Serva goes to Washington

Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., the Nuclear Energy Assembly (NEA) was gearing up for its annual conference, which according to Dr. Jones, was more policy-focused.

“NEA came at nuclear from a policy perspective, looking at the federal concerns, the global concerns, and what the future of nuclear might look like,” said Dr. Jones. “We also spent some time advocating on the Hill. I enjoyed the opportunity to talk to staffers and representatives about how critical nuclear is to reaching our climate targets and encouraging their support.”

Also in attendance at the NEA conference was Serva Executive Advisor Tom DiPuma, who said he was impressed by the quality of the event, hosted by the Nuclear Energy Institute.

“The effort and innovation of each participating team were especially inspiring — sending the message that we are about to experience a time of incredible advances in physical, data and political sciences that will accelerate innovation,” said DiPuma.

He added: “Although briefly discussed, the dedication of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to digitize its repository of historical data and support for applying deep learning, artificial intelligence, complex neural network modeling, simulation and creation of commercial reactor “digital twins” was exciting. It has the potential to streamline discovery, pre-testing and validation of proposed new processes and solutions. It could safely accelerate time to acceptance, beginning a continuous improvement cycle that may improve the odds of meeting aggressive green energy timelines.”

Next stop: Richmond, VA

Looking ahead to the U.S. Women in Nuclear conference, July 24-27, in Richmond, Virginia, where Dr. Jones will be presenting on Serva's work with medical isotopes, she says she is excited about the opportunity to share this important work with major impact in the detection and treatment of diseases, including cancer.

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