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Serva surpasses fundraising goal

One thing is clear: Support for Serva is growing.

Following our last round of fundraising, we are beyond excited to announce a new milestone in funding support – transcending our goal and setting the stage for future growth.

“This last round of fundraising exceeded expectations,” said Greg Anderson, Chief Operating Officer for Serva Energy. “Within two weeks, we had commitments for the fully subscribed $3 million with additional offers of over-subscriptions in the millions that we are contemplating for the next round of funding."

A big shout out to Peter Schultz and the accredited investor group for all their contributions to making this campaign so successful!

"This will allow us to hire more key people, attend and present at conferences, further our testing at reactors and universities, and expand our technology in numerous verticals,” said Anderson.

Serva Energy is making massive strides in nuclear innovation, and our investors play a huge role in the growth and success of our company. Learn more about investment opportunities with Serva.

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