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That time we achieved a Tri Alpha fusion reaction

Back in 2017, when Serva Energy was in its infancy as a new fusion research startup, we began working with Arizona State University to run trials on a Tri Alpha reaction which is:

11B+p to 3 alpha particles

In English, this means hitting a boron sample with high energy protons to produce carbon, and the carbon blows itself apart into three helium atoms (also known as alpha particles) hence the name Tri Alpha reaction.

We believe we were the first private sector company to achieve this.

Check it out:

And think about this: There is a tremendous amount of energy released from this reaction, so much so that a small 99-cent one-ounce piece of silly putty can release as much energy from the boron and hydrogen as an average American home consumes in 10 years.

- Ian Horvath

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