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'We are part of a sea change': Serva Energy presents at White Hat conference

PRESS RELEASE September 27, 2022

“This is an exciting time for the biomedical research community and nuclear medicine, in particular,” said Dr. Sarah Jones, Vice President of Serva Medical, at Arizona Bioscience Week, where she will be highlighting the significant health care innovations underway at Serva Energy, as part of the White Hat Life Science Investor Conference, September 28-29. “At Serva, we feel we are part of a sea change in nuclear medicine.”

Serva Energy is one of 32 biotechnology and medical technology companies selected to participate in the White Hat conference, hosted by Arizona Bioindustry Association as part of Arizona Bioscience Week.

Showcasing promising startups and companies from across the Southwest, the conference aims to connect investors with a new generation of biotech and healthcare innovators.

“Serva Energy is honored to be among such an impressive lineup of companies," said Dr. Jones, "and we are grateful for the incredible level of support for biomedical innovation that is part of the developing life science ecosystem developing in Phoenix and the state more broadly.”

White Hat companies are selected by a panel of life science investors based on their innovations around disease prevention, timely and accurate diagnostics, personalized therapies, medical devices, and information technology to advance health.

“While our technology holds tremendous promise in the diagnosis and treatment of life-threatening diseases, such as cancer, in order to achieve this promise, it is vital to create connections that will enable us to accelerate our growth and impact as a company. The White Hat conference is one key to making that happen," said Dr. Jones.

Since the conference launched in 2014, participating companies have gone on to raise $1.6 billion in investments.

Dr. Jones will be presenting Thursday, Sept. 29, on Serva’s efforts in developing new production pathways for critical medical isotopes.

Featured in Serva’s work is a new production method for Actinium-225, coined the “rarest drug on earth,” which is highly sought after by clinical researchers, as it shows tremendous promise in the treatment of multiple forms of cancer.

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